Episode 1

Addressing Financial Anxiety

Jul 28, 2023

In this inaugural episode of Invested Interest, hosts Blaise Stevens and Chris Harris unpack a startling Bankrate survey revealing that over half of respondents feel their finances negatively impact their mental health. Delving into the role of financial advisors and the importance of financial literacy, they explore practical ways to mitigate financial stress and bolster mental well-being.


Blaise Stevens

Chris Harris

About This Episide

Addressing Financial Anxiety

The challenge of financial anxiety is one that silently afflicts a significant number of individuals across the globe. Yet, it’s a topic that often gets overshadowed by more tangible financial issues. In their thought-provoking podcast “Invested Interest”, hosts Blaise Stevens and Chris Harris bravely tackle this silent epidemic head-on in an episode aptly titled “Addressing Financial Anxiety”.

According to a recent survey from Bankrate that Stevens and Harris discuss, over 52% of respondents reported that their finances have a negative effect on their mental health. This number is alarming, but perhaps not entirely surprising. In a world where financial uncertainty has become the norm rather than the exception, financial anxiety has nestled itself firmly in the psyche of many.

The hosts dive deep into the survey findings, highlighting the multifaceted nature of financial anxiety. From worries about mounting debt to the stress of inadequate savings or the uncertainty of future financial stability, the causes of financial anxiety are varied and complex.

What sets this episode apart is the actionable advice that Stevens and Harris offer to listeners. They underscore the importance of seeking the guidance of a financial advisor as a potent strategy to combat financial anxiety. These professionals, they explain, can provide not just investment advice, but also equip individuals with the financial education necessary to navigate complex financial landscapes confidently.

Financial advisors can also help in setting realistic financial goals, developing practical strategies to achieve them, and offering reassurance during economically uncertain times. This professional guidance, the hosts contend, can alleviate financial anxiety significantly, allowing individuals to focus more on their lives and less on the constant worry about money.

But the episode doesn’t stop at just discussing the problem and potential solutions. Instead, it serves as a call to action for everyone struggling with financial anxiety. Stevens and Harris emphasize that addressing financial anxiety requires proactive measures – seeking help, gaining financial literacy, and continuously engaging in open conversations about our financial concerns.

“Addressing Financial Anxiety” serves as an essential reminder that our mental health is intimately connected to our financial health. It drives home the point that financial anxiety should not be overlooked or brushed aside. Rather, it’s a serious issue that deserves attention, understanding, and action.

As we grapple with an ever-changing financial environment, the insights provided by Blaise Stevens and Chris Harris in this episode are both timely and timeless. Whether you’re a finance novice or a seasoned investor, the “Addressing Financial Anxiety” episode of “Invested Interest” is a must-listen for everyone. The insights offered may not just help you manage your money better, but also guide you towards a healthier state of mind.