May 21, 2024

Season 2 | Episode 1

Zombie Companies, Emerging Markets, and the ONE Question to Ask a Financial Advisor Before Investing With Them

In this episode, we start by unpacking the concept of “Zombie Companies.” These are businesses that are barely hanging on, managing to pay off the interest on their debts but not the debts themselves. We explore why these companies emerge and the problems they pose for the economy, such as blocking funds that could be more effectively used elsewhere.

Then, we turn our attention to emerging markets. Instead of just focusing on when to invest, we address the common fears and excitement associated with investing in markets that are both new and rapidly changing. Our experts discuss how to find the right balance between caution and eagerness, providing guidance on navigating these dynamic investment landscapes without getting carried away by the hype or deterred by the risks.

We conclude the episode with a crucial piece of advice for anyone working with a financial advisor. There’s one critical question you should ask, and if they can’t answer it, consider it a major red flag. We keep the question under wraps here—you’ll need to tune in to find out—but it’s a crucial one for ensuring that your advisor’s strategy aligns with your financial objectives.